HealthSouth Sarasota receives SCIL Appreciation Award


Suncoast Center For Independent Living presented HealthSouth Sarasota with the “SCIL Appreciation Award” at the SCIL 24th Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act Celebration on Friday, July 25. The award was given to HealthSouth Sarasota volunteers who devoted countless hours of service to the construction and financial sponsorship of multiple wheelchair ramps for SCIL consumers.  The award was accepted on behalf of HealthSouth Sarasota by Marcus Braz, CEO.

Suncoast Center For Independent Living (SCIL) is a non-profit, non-residential federally designated Center for Independent Living (CIL).  Centers for Independent Living are cross-disability organizations providing services to people with disabilities so they may lead self-directed lives and fully participate as equal members of society.

In photo L-R:  Candy Partee-SCIL Board Member, Marcus Braz-CEO, HealthSouth Sarasota, Michael Fluker-Executive Director, SCIL